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1) The weather sucks too. WTF! It's the middle of April and there's fucking snow on the ground. This is terrible. What the greasy-ass fuck?

2) I had to call Suzanne's mom this morning to tell her I couldn't join her, William and Suzanne for their summer vacation to New England because I couldn't get out of Day ONE. Even though she said she could understand, I felt really shitty in having to tell her. Goddamnit, La Salle, why do you ruin my life so much with your seemingly cool programs?

3) I have too much to do this week and I don't really want to do any of it. I'll get most of it done.

4) I got nominated for a Resident Student Leadership Award here at La Salle. I'm not quite sure why, really; I'm not much of a leader, but if someone wants to nominate me for an award, I'll be glad to take it. now, to find my tie...

5) Blah.
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This has been a busy busy past few days! I believe I owe everyone a good recap of what has happened.

!) I moved into the dorms here at La Salle University. I have pictures of my room somewhere, and when I get around to caring to upload them, I will. I have a good RA (who seems to be a recent Mac convert, which is good) and from what I can understand, a rather pleasant floor. Most everyone's moving in now, and the floor is 70% girls, so I guess ESPN Monopoly won't do well here. That's OK, there's always the townhouses.

@) Thursday into Friday is when I moved [ profile] colorwhirl into her dorm at Wilson College. It was a tiring affair, because she has a designated single (no roommate!) at the end of the hall (privacy!) and a lot of stuff (that had to be moved up a floor then all the way down the hall!). It was a pretty easy move, looking back at it. She's all moved in and for the most part unpacked.\

#) I completed Meal Or No Meal, the newest Pacdude Game! After a bunch of talks with some nice lawyers and some producers at, I've finally finished a legal version of Deal or No Deal! Being for serious here, this game actually is good. I need to ask the people at to lower the resolution to 640x480, because it runs slow, even on my machine. But for now, it's up! I did get compensated for my efforts, so I guess you could say I'm a professional game maker! Go play the game from here.

Well, that's it for now. Now that I have a nifty new layout, I think I'll be more inclined to post to LJ. I dunno. Whatever.

Whoops: I spelled my girlfriend's LJ wrong. I phail.
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I have been one busy bee as of late. Running here, writing there, organizing this, eating that... It's a wonder I'm not worn out.

I get a lot of sleep.

Don't worry, folks. I'm still alive. And I have my weekends. :-)


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