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No matter what happens with people, whether it be stress over tests, strife over relationships, troubles with teachers, or anger over life, here at La Salle, there's one thing that unites everyone together, even if only for a few hours.

That thing is Charter Dinner.

What is the Charter I speak of? Well, when La Salle was started, a charter was signed and the university was officially founded. Well, every March we celebrate that occasion with a giant dinner. Engulfing our ballroom and the outer patio, food is everywhere, people are talking, a lot of the faculty serves food to the students and everyone has a great time.

People who I don't normally see smile are jovial and happy. People I haven't seen all semester I am able to talk to with glee. For one fleeting moment, everyone drops their prejudices for one meal.

And there's a chocolate fountain. Yes sir.
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A week or so ago, [ profile] colorwhirl told me of a screening for this documentary I've been wanting to see.

It's called Heart of the Game, and it tells the story of a Seattle high school's girls basketball team, and their struggle from zero to hero. I've been in that "zero" part many times, watching my school's girls basketball team flounder many times. I saw it was playing at the Philly Film Fest, but the times playing weren't good for me, so I missed it.

This screening would have been great. I signed up a bit late, but hopefully it would've been OK. They sent me an e-mail saying to hold tight for more information. Nope, I missed it. That's OK. Janet from Miramax e-mailed me and told me that it was a glitch that that e-mail was sent out that said I was going. If there's anything she could do to make it up, that'd be great.

Time to throw around the "I'm a DJ at a radio station" card.

I told her that I'd love to promote the show on the station, and anything we could give away would be great. I was expecting a few postcards and some movie posters.

She ended up sending me 100 or so postcards, 100 or so movie posters, and a few t-shirts (none, sadly, close to my size). It made me very happy. I gave one t-shirt to Lolo, I'll be giving one to Dana and Suzanne, and the rest are giveaways on my show. I have some decorations for my room now, and I'm excited.

With that said, has the trailer for the movie and you can listen to my radio show to here me talk about it tonight from 5 to 7 on WEXP.


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