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In bullet points, no less.

• Now that I'm working a real 9 to 5 job, me and SportsCenter are going to get reacquainted quickly. And, once I lose cable (which I think will be next week,) me and Preston and Steve are going to be BFFs. I don't know if I have to wear my uniform for today; in any regards, I can't find it even if I wanted to wear it. I'm pulling a compromise by wearing a Late Night La Salle staff shirt. I'm sure I won't get in trouble, yeeeeah.

• I miss Liz. I know, I know, I'll see her very soon. But for the time being, sleeping alone in mah bed is kind of lonely. I love her so much; she's really the biggest part of my life.

• Hanging out with Mike Dao was nice yesterday (Go La Salle Softball!) but it just reminds me that I have a lot of graduating friends whom I haven't hung out with yet that I'm going to sorely miss. I'll figure out how I'm going to hang out with everyone, but I know I'm going to miss a lot, if not all, of my graduating friends.

I'll flesh all these out later. I have wicked bad allergies right now, so I need to pop a Zyrtec and get out of here. But, before I leave, here's something cheery to start your week right!

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As per [ profile] wyldlittlepoet's post on taking a career test, here's my top 20:

1. Director of Photography
2. Website Designer
3. Special Effects Technician
4. Desktop Publisher
5. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
6. Animator
7. Actor
8. Craftsperson
9. Potter
10. Fashion Designer
11. Director
12. Multimedia Developer
13. Professor
14. Set Designer
15. Costume Designer
16. Comedian
17. Graphic Designer
18. Computer Animator
19. Artist
20. Casting Director

I'm about on point. Yay!
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Just a heads up to everyone I know IRL:

I am currently having a very very bad day. Granted, it's ONLY 11 AM, but still. I'm not going to be very happy. Cheering me up may work. Hugs are preferred.

Also, I think tomorrow, I'll be going to the Apple Store. Katie, tell Gabby.
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Monday: "Hi, Cory, this is Jon Caroulis, head of PR here at La Salle. Dr. Gleber was telling me a few things about your internship and I'd like to talk to you more about it. Give me a call."

Tuesday: "Hey Dan, are they done knocking down Benilde yet? They knocked it down? Nice."

Wednesday: "I wonder why Caroulis isn't picking up."

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1) The weather sucks too. WTF! It's the middle of April and there's fucking snow on the ground. This is terrible. What the greasy-ass fuck?

2) I had to call Suzanne's mom this morning to tell her I couldn't join her, William and Suzanne for their summer vacation to New England because I couldn't get out of Day ONE. Even though she said she could understand, I felt really shitty in having to tell her. Goddamnit, La Salle, why do you ruin my life so much with your seemingly cool programs?

3) I have too much to do this week and I don't really want to do any of it. I'll get most of it done.

4) I got nominated for a Resident Student Leadership Award here at La Salle. I'm not quite sure why, really; I'm not much of a leader, but if someone wants to nominate me for an award, I'll be glad to take it. now, to find my tie...

5) Blah.
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No matter what happens with people, whether it be stress over tests, strife over relationships, troubles with teachers, or anger over life, here at La Salle, there's one thing that unites everyone together, even if only for a few hours.

That thing is Charter Dinner.

What is the Charter I speak of? Well, when La Salle was started, a charter was signed and the university was officially founded. Well, every March we celebrate that occasion with a giant dinner. Engulfing our ballroom and the outer patio, food is everywhere, people are talking, a lot of the faculty serves food to the students and everyone has a great time.

People who I don't normally see smile are jovial and happy. People I haven't seen all semester I am able to talk to with glee. For one fleeting moment, everyone drops their prejudices for one meal.

And there's a chocolate fountain. Yes sir.
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At the game yesterday (La Salle vs. St. Joe's at the Palestra ::drool::), my friend Tom and I had a conversation about the greatness of the Palestra. I point out one flaw.

"The letters on the scoreboard: they're not very clean-looking. The font set that the scoreboard uses for their eggcrate letters is kind of robotic and bumpy. If they used something like a Ferranti-Packer set, it'd look much better."

Please, someone, shoot me now.
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Management always has the right to change the list. This is the final list!

1. Suzanne

Suzanne, my lovely girlfriend, obviously tops my list again. Throughout struggles and fights, ups and downs, happy moments and trying times, we’ve grown as a couple and as people, and I know that I truly love her. Even through struggles like moving off to college and the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, we’ve managed to be stronger than ever. I appreciate what she does for me, I treasure her in my life and I love her to pieces.

2. Lolo and Lola
My grandparents, Rev. Paquito M. Anotado and Mrs. Lilia G. Anotado (I like formally typing their names out like that. It’s fun), retired this summer. Their initial plan was to take things slow and retire and move back to the Philippines after I graduated from college. An eager homebuyer in the States and extremely cheap land in the Philippines sped up the plan. It really was difficult seeing Lolo and Lola (the Tagalog words for grandpa and grandma) leave. They had essentially raised me; watching me while my mom and dad were at work. I’m glad that they’re happy in their giant house in the Philippines.

3. St. Basil Court
This was the year I moved on campus and started living at La Salle University. It was a pretty drastic change, moving from home where I had complete privacy but detachment from campus to being connected to campus but having someone (namely, my roommate Tim) being around when I’m trying to masturbate. Tim and I had a rough adjustment, but I think we’re OK now. And my floor really isn’t all that bad, except for Fucking Donna who lives across the hall. Those who live on the floor know what I’m talking about.

4. Deal or No Deal
Every so often, I create a game that generates a little traffic to my website. And usually, it’s something people usually don’t see online. When Deal or No Deal hit it big in the states, I took it upon myself to create the online version, as I am wont to do. It actually turned out pretty well, despite some coding flaws with the banker, but those were fixed rather quickly. I put it on and it ended up with Daily 3rd Place, front-page honors, and a metric fuck-ton of views. Addicting Games wanted it on their website, and as soon as you know it, the game has had over 1.5 million plays in the course of a month. Then Endemol Holdings found out and struck the game out all over the Internet.

5. Meal or No Meal
Well, Addicting Games saw the amazing potential that this stupid little game of luck had, and the advertising revenue that it brought in, and decided to say, “Hey, Cory. We’ll pay you money if you convert Deal or No Deal into a game that we can keep onto the website without fear of death by the hands of Endemol.” That was a good enough deal (no pun intended) for me to officially become a professional video game programmer. At this rate, Pacdude Games, an official game house produces about 2 officially published games a year. Crazy!

6. Wilson College
Suzanne goes there. I visit every so often. It is 3 hours away. I love it. I love the atmosphere. I love the class structure. I love my friends up there. The food is awesome, and hey, they have a big screen TV and no one complains when I watch ESPN. Beth, Karen, Yeip, Alicia, Rosa… Gah, so many people! It really has shaped me going up there. I’m learning to love the small-town feel that Chambersburg, PA has, and hey, I love the drive.

7. La Salle University Class of 2006
Specifically, the friends I made in that class. George, Ray, Fay, Ed, Renee, Doc, Terry, Pat and Ben come immediately to mind as people I knew, hung out with, trusted and became good friends with. Graduation also made me realize that friends in college are fleeting. Treasure them, collegiate friends. They won’t be around forever. Or they’ll become sports anchors for a small market in Wyoming.

8. Ken Jennings
Or, more specifically, Ken’s book, Brainiac. I am in the book, spouting off gibberish about Family Feud lights and stuff. More importantly, it showed me that yes, some of the thing that I do online actually make a difference. (I founded and because of the quick traffic growth we had, Ken Jennings interviewed me. As if I have credibility.) No one’s really said much of anything to me without me showing them the book, so well, it’s just a little reminder of who I was, always with me in print.

9. The Programming Center
My job in the programming center is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The pay is good, the hours are great, and I’ve made a couple new friends due to the job and the stuff I’ve had to do with it. I work Late Night events and get to hang out with awesome people (like Jo Anna, so shut up, you’re in the stupid Pacdude 10) and do fun stuff. It’s a big job, too, so it’s not like I’m taking stuff lightly, but it really is a lot of fun. Speaking of which, I wonder what my hours are this semester…

10. WEXP

True, it’s only a college radio station. True, it’s no big deal. But hey, when I didn’t get elected as program manager and stupid Douche got elected as GM, it hurt. The whole ordeal was trying emotionally and mentally, because I put so much of my heart and soul into the station, and I could see it slipping away. I’ve slowed my role with the station, and it’s calmed me and really given me time to do other stuff, and the station’s management is realizing that Douche was a bad choice, so that’s good. Maybe I’ll run for program manager in the Spring. Who knows?

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Dean Cicala asked me if I could recreate 1 vs. 100, the new NBC game show, here at
La Salle. Those in the game show know know that's kinda hard to impossible.

I just might try it.


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