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Unlike most of my haircuts, I don't loathe myself with this one. It's not bad and I'm sure when I grow it out it'll grow out just fine.
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I am currently groggy from my filet mignon. I'll explain later. In a nutshell? Suzanne decided to surprise me and come down from Chambersburg to hang out with me on this lovely v-day week!

She took me to dinner. There was steak.

And I'm getting my eyebrow pierced tomorrow.


End. Fin!
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This is [ profile] colorwhirl, bringing you your daily [ profile] pacdude info post.

And by "daily", I really mean "monthly" or perhaps "bi-monthly" or even "quarterly".

Anyway, we are here to report that one Mr. Cory Anotado (Cory says "Hey! That's ME!") received a much more excellent grade on his LIT 250 final than expected. We do not feel the need to report said A, but rest assured that a high grade was procured by this sexy lump of manmeat.

That is all!
And in case you don't hear from Cory before Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: "If I was a set of vowels, you'd be 'Y', Suzanne!"
-Cory, again
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Me and [ profile] katieliz have dubbed this weekend the VH1 Best Weekend Ever™ for me. Why, you might ask, is this weekend the Best Weekend Ever™, or even to a lesser extent, why this weekend is starting on a Thursday. Be patient, my friend, for this is an explanation worthy of awe.

Tonight, me and Katie went to the Barnes and Noble on 18th and Walnut to hear Frank Warren speak. Frank Warren is the keeper of PostSecret, a website where anonymous strangers send postcards with secrets to Frank. They can range from humorous to serious to downright scary, but the most important part is that they are all real; someone out there has felt this secret you're reading on your screen. I bought his newest book, My Secret, and he signed it for me. Katie got one too. Cosi for dinner and no parking ticket rounded off the great evening.

Tomorrow is the La Salle Haunted House. I made the poster for the haunted house, and ever the helpful one, am going to be a zombie. I'm not sure, but I think I get to count it as work for Late Night La Salle. I'll have to check my schedule.

Saturday, the Dresden Dolls (whom [ profile] genericpunkgrrl introduced me to) are playing a YRock (nee Y100) Sonic Session at the TLA on Saturday and I reserved us 2 spots. We're gonna get lunch and then jam out acoustic intimate style.

Sunday, the Jaguars are coming to the Linc and my report time is 8:30 in the morning. What does this mean? Well, I have to make the church bulletin on Saturday this week, but more importantly, I get more hours at work. Plus, and here's hoping I'm not wrong, the Eagles should win this one. Like we should have won the last two games anyway.

Overall, this will be a weekend filled with great plans and I can't wait to live them all up. I am internally skeeeeeeeeeeeing in delight just thinking about this weekend.

Come to think of it, I've had two awesome weekends in a row! Wilson last week, Philly this week... At this rate, I'll be the world's first roller-skating chainsaw-juggling porn star to complete the Best Three Week Trifecta™!
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As you all may have heard from my phone post, I got my wisdom teeth out. Once I realized I had gauze in my mouth and took it all out, talking was easier. I haven't been eating anything except pudding and milk, although tomorrow, i will feast on mashed potatoes and maybe even orange juice. This week will be somewhat interesting, seeing as how I have to stop by La Salle and sign a couple forms on Thursday. Other than that, it's perkosets away!

Also, my project is super close to going gold (meaning, published). It's great. They sent me my first paycheck and one more is on the way. Then, once it goes gold, I get my big last paycheck and get to kick back and smoke a cigar. Or the non-smoking equivalent of that.

Lastly, Clerks 2 icon!
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Me, Dad, and Grandpa are sitting in the living room, watching the Phils lose again. Lolo's reading the paper and my dad's going off about cooking pizza. The only think I can think about is the past two days. The past two brilliant, wonderful, amazing days.

I spent them with my girlfriend, Suzanne. I'm pretty sure you know her by now. [ profile] colorwhirl. Sound familiar? Good.

Our one-year anniversary was Friday. We met for dinner in Chinatown at the Cherry Street Vegetarian Chinese Place™. It was very tasty, with their faux meat and all. Then, we walked around before finding a nice Chinese bakery to eat cakes with. Afterwards, we went back to her place and slow danced on her roof deck. Slow dancing with my sweet Suzanne on the roof with the Philadelphia skyline is my kind of date.

We then traded gifts. She gave me gifts with symbolism (which are the best kinds of gifts, of course). "This is what we have," she said. I opened the small box, covered in aluminum foil. Law and Order: The First Year. "We've been together for one year. And, this gift is what I hope we get." I open the smaller box, covered in more aluminum foil. Law and Order: The Second Year. I *squeeeeee!* in delight as my excitement for Law and Order and my total awe of my girlfriend and the wonderful idea for the gift she gave me come together in a giant squeegasm. Suzanne has always lamented about her wonderful G3 Tangerine iBook. So, I got her one. Mac OS 9.2, Airport card, 3 GB hard drive. She totally loved it.

Afterwards, we played with the iBook, we watched some Law and Order, we snuggled, made kissy faces and acted generally adorable. I love her so much.

The next day I'll talk about tomorrow or so.
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Now that summer's here, and boredom kicks into full swing, I guess it's about time I actually write in my LJ as opposed to posting pictures, polls, and other stupid shit.

Here's the quick, condensed version of the last... oh, month or so.

>> I am starting to get weary of the radio station. Our current GM is a real dick, most of the people who I had the most fun with and enjoyed the most at the radio station are leaving, and the only real reasons for me to stick around are Dana (my cohost), Dawn (my advisor), and the alumni wanting me to keep everything in check. So, yeah. I'll stick around.

>> A lot of my friends at La Salle are seniors. Doc, George, Juliano, Ben, Phogan, Ray, Terry, Betsy, Renee, Beverly... That's just counting on both hands. There's a ton more. Flanny, Beth... Tons of them. I'm going to miss all of them. Congratulations, guys. You worked hard and you're free. I know a lot of you didn't want to leave. If that's really the case, then you would have intentionally failed. ::grin::

>> My summer grant money should be coming this week. I shouldn't have to get a job this summer. That means, time to spend with [ profile] colorwhirl!

>> Me and Suz's ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSIRATIONFEST is coming up on May 26. Man, the past year has been awesome. Outstanding. Wonderful. Phenominal. I love Suzanne. I really do.

>> Lolo and I are going to a Phillies game on the 29th. Phils/Nationals with DOLLAR DOG NIGHT. It's going to be fun.

>> The icons I need the most: "Who has two thumbs and hates you? This guy," an icon of Cronk from The Emperor's New Groove, and possibly some kind of Aaron Rowand icon. That man is a hero.

I'll post more. I swear. Toodles!
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Me and the Suz went to the Phils game last night. It was a trifecta: $4 discount for College Night, $6 worth of Dollar Dogs, and a Phils extra-innings win made the night grand. Granted, we were sitting in front of some real assholes, but other than that, it was a great night.

And, I do apologize for not writing as much as I should. I do have many stories to tell, such as the time I got lost in Jersey for 3 and a half hours, but I can't quite find the words.

But I'm looking. Trust me.
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OK, I have some of my video files backed up. I have all of my Flash Documents backed up. I have some of my music still on my iPod.


It's on my old iPod. )

And that's been my day. Tonight, hopefully I can fix and backup the lappy tonight.
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Saturday was Noel's birthday party. He's 7 now! Me, Suzanne, and about 10 little kids attended, and a good time was had by all. Noel had a piñata, filled with candy and confetti. Needless to say, when it broke, it made a mess. Suzanne decided to be cute (because she is!!) and took a cup of confetti and dumped it on me when my back was turn. It got *everywhere.* In my hair, in my hoodie, down my shirt, everywhere.

Fast forward to Sunday night, where too much information is under this cut. ) I'm so impressed.

Jeff Knowlton of The Break Mission came on the radio show on Sunday. He's a really cool guy, and his songs are real good. If you're 21+, there's a couple shows in Boston and Philly coming up. Too bad I can't go. :-( He's sending t-shirts to make up for it.

Tomorrow, Lolo and Lola leave for the Philippines. I'm trying not to think about it until it happens so I can function.
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Every time I see Suzanne, I get more and more mushy and loveydovey. Mainly because I love her. ^_^

Yesterday was the best day of the semester so far. Suz texts me with the message, "Wakey wakey! Eggs and bacey!" If you haven't noticed, that is so disgustingly cute that as soon as I opened the text up, 14 puppies instantly vaporized right next to me. Then, I took her suggestion and actually bought eggs and bacon for breakfast. I scooted over to my first class and was the only one who didn't look like an idiot when the professor grilled me about America.

The day went considerably well onward. I went on my way in History and English. I had lunch with good friends. I went to my mom's house. I watched Law and Order. I saw my siblings. I saw my girlfriend.

I hope this is a foretelling of things to come.


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